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More issues in UX

Star III

As I use this phone more,  I see some problems that I think can be fixed:

1) AOD is extremely dim, especially under sunlight. This is counter-intuitive and must be fixed.

2) The fingerprint misses so many times under the sunlight, this needs to be fixed since we are in the summer (I do not use a screen protector)

3) When I enlarge a folder, I assume it stays large permanently. However, it returns to the small size randomly.

4) Battery drains for background services that we cannot control. The battery options "background app management" and "detect battery-draining apps" are activated but no use. The battery drain is obvious during the night when I am not using the phone

5) The new screen light feature is not usable due to being very dim like the AOD

6) The AnimeVision stays on sometimes even though I set a 1-minute timer. This also happens randomly.

7) The back tap barely works with or without a case. I set the tap sensitivity to high but it does not make a difference

😎 I use the air triggers to change from sound to vibration. The sensitivity is set to 6. My phone changes to vibration randomly. It seems the air triggers get more sensitive at random times

I also have suggestions to improve the UI by adding more features, but I think fixing the bugs is more important.