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12 days of tech-mass fake giveaway

Star I

Hey does anyone know if they have actually contacted anyone for this "giveaway"  it was ran in Dec 2023 it's now April 2024 and still no word of any winners or anything.

I tried contacting Asus rog UK Instagram and they have been leaving my messages on read until I send multiple in a row following them posting and the responses i have received the customer service agents were specifically not providing any concrete information and simply have stated that they in the process of contacting winners and will make an announcement soon. This was in February almost 2 months ago! I am starting to think this is a scam. My friend stated the same to me following him contacting them and getting similar treatment.

He stated he has reported them to trading standards for running fraudulent giveaways but who knows if it'll even get taken seriously?

Anyone know if Asus rog giveaways are even legit? I keep seeing the same posts online from people questioning it and rarely anyone stating they entered and won and cannot seem to find any recent posts from their social media announcing winners. I'm seriously starting to think this was just a sly way to get more engagement and site visits/ sales whilst also collecting personal information for tech consumers such as emails and phone numbers to sell on!!




May I ask if you can provide a link to the event for me to confirm?
Also, I have sent you a message, please provide your contact information through the message.
After confirmation, I will ask the local service team to get back to you.
Thank you.