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Rog Phone 7 Giveaway Event Confirmed Scam

Zen Master I

Couple months back ASUS started a giveaway event within which users had to write a post of their experience with Rog Phones in order to win a Rog Phone, Cooling Fan & Theme Packs.

The event was published by Panda Asus, a forum moderator. I along with many others entered this event, taking the time to write a post.

The winners were announced & funnily enough the winners of the Rog Phones were BOT accounts who had coincidentally made their user profiles on the VERY SAME DAY as the event launched. Furthermore, the posts written by these BOT accounts were of very little detail & emphasis regarding the nature of the post needed to win a Rog Phone. To top things off, strangely only the BOT accounts "won" the Rog Phones aswel as the cooling fans. Real human users who took the time to write detailed posts won the useless theme packs.

I knew ASUS sunk to extremely low depts with their business and customer services practices but I can't say I saw this one coming. Then again I'm not surprised.

After making a post exposing this fraudulent and deceitful behaviour by ASUS, the Panda Moderator tried to dodge & lie about about the BOT winners. However, when presented with facts and evidence of the whole Scam, Panda Moderator disappeared and stopped replying. 

Absolutely childish and downright pathetic behaviour by ASUS. If theyre selling obsolete devices & can't honor warranties, why would they give out free giveaway prizes. 




Star I

Hi @waxy78611,

As the winner of this event, I'd like to share my thoughts. 
First, I want to clarify that I am not a BOT. I saw the event and tried my luck and fortunately won the prize.

Honestly, I'm surprised that I won the prize, too. Because my English is poor. I worried I can't express my passion to this product.

Thanks to the effort from ASUS, they spent lots of time to solve the custom issues in my country. I finally received the ROG Phone 7 from ASUS couple days ago. I will share more after I use more.





Wow, ASUS sinking to even more low depths of utter bullshi*! You know there's a saying, to cover a lie you have to create even more lies. 


You literally made an account on the VERY SAME DAY as the event started and magically "won" the Rog phone 🤣

Furthermore, 3 other accounts made an account on the VERY SAME DAY and also won the other prizes meanwhile long time account holders (Real Humans) didn't win anything.

Please stop making yourselves look more childish and pathetic, you've been caught out. Just accept it. Taking us for fools only makes you more foolish. 

Just another ASUS employee trying to cover a fraudulent scam... get a life dude, nobody believes your BS

BTW, did you get that theme pack 🤔 Me also participated in the second give away event and I didn't get any theme packs yet as they offered.