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new advance tunning for max setting for genshin impact rog 5

Rising Star I

firmware latest: 33.0210.0210229

CAUTION: you need a aero cooler 6 or a decent cooler to use this profile 

I made new improve advance tunning for  genshin impact   for max graphic settings because asus can't fix there own phone in every update 😑   if you're not comfortable playing at 46-47c try lowering the settings   to medium and lock it at 45 fps you'll get 42 to 45c max 



advance tuning settings





Rising Star II

try lower your temp at lvl 5, it is very dangerous if you keep maintain the temp until up to 47°c and even bypass charging is not working because it's so hot. Asus did it on purpose in order to maintain the temp until below 40°c.