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Rog phone 7 Android 14 problem

Star I

Hi i want to complain about performance drop after update android 14 ( 34.1010.0820.60 )

I notice the Processor mhz lock at 2016 Mhz, but Snapdragon 8 gen 2 can run at 3000 Mhz+ right?

Now i let's talk about fps in game, i Will show you how different the fps are:

•Pubg mobile (Smooth-90 fps setting) it only get around 80 - 57 in TDM mode, and 90 -60 in battle royale (Erangel map)

•Mobile legends (Ultra - ultra setting) in this game it supports 120 fps, but the system lock to 60 fps only  

• Modern warship (ultra - 144 fps setting) the fps drop is like crazy 130 - 31 fps in battle and Explorer the map

•Genshin impact (Highest 60 fps setting) the fps its still drop like 60 - 40 while Explore, and 30 - 20 while Battle this is very Disappointed, the Snapdragon 8 gen 2 can run at 60 - 57 fps

•The Battery drain quickly even if i only scrolling tik tok and Instagram, and it even got worse when gaming, the battery only get around 4-3 hours 

Pls Asus Dev can you fix this, this is the first time IM buyyin rog phone but i get this bad experience 


Star III

Good luck bro, Android 14 it’s a big mess. 

Star I

this is what asus answered me for the game pubg mobile

"Your statement, "Everyone who upgraded to android 14 has faced this problem" is not entirely correct.
The problem was unconfirmed on the official version of the device with the original firmware (not replaced by the seller).
Your device, with a serial number R5AIOC******F5F that is intended for the Chinese market with original CN region firmware. Now the WW version is installed, so the firmware is not original and should not have been installed on this smartphone at all."

Really !!!!!

I have original firmware HK which have WW version and i'm facing same issue with CODM game !!!

They are not believing us or maybe they are only supporting Rog 8 users and we are the old customers and there is no money coming from us anymore.


Star III

this video is gift for developers who said there is no issue ,drop from 120 to 40