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Rogue 7 glitches a lot

Star II

rog phone 7 . performance and FPS drops in games. and especially in the mobile game Pubg. after upgrading to android 14 the phone has turned into a cheap smartphone that glitches in games.
Asus, do you advise to throw the phone to the trash?


Rising Star II

Same does it in other games too. Here is a video about Call of Duty Mobile. FPS drops from 120 to 40 and the lags. Ranked matches are impossible to play because then the FPS drops the most. In addition, the image quality of the screen recorder after the A14 update is unclear and not nearly as sharp as before.

turn off framerate lock 120 went crazy even on a13

Rising Star II

I didn't have this effect in the Android 13 system. And even if it's not locked, the fps is still there unstable and does this same thing.

im always playing with refresh rate 120 it's never have issue until upgrade to A14