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Liquid metal on my rog 5 🤣

Rising Star I

So I finally decided to open my rog 5 because its already out  of warranty so might as well experiment on it  I know puting liquid metal on a phone is a very bad idea , but still why not🤣  and it went successful 🤣 I thought my phone wouldn't booth up but hey it turn on 😂 so I played genshin impact on high settings  while recording ,the random fps drop and 30 to 40ish fps is due to recording ,  now my max temp is now 42c during my 22 mins of gameplay😂😂 I wouldn't recommend trying it because in time liquid metal eats copper and aluminium 😛






Rising Star II

First you use dynamic mode to record the game .... Dynamic mode limited the performance and temperature a lot also if you use Xmode and video record the temperature will be 50 degrees plus also in dynamic mode you dont gave stable 60 fps eve you dont have stable 40 becouse i even see fps drops even to 20 and it syper laggy and not playable also this is the system temperature bot CPU temperature and last thing is that even whit liquid metal you cant drop the temperature 

I'm still using my advance tuning profile in this post

I can record it if you want 

Ok try to record whit hand cam for better phone performance at max settings whit stabble 55-60 fps whitout getting more than 46 degrees and playing  for 30 minutes to see the results 

Here you go

My camera stop recording at 27 mins but you  can see the temps barely reach 44c