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ROG 6 Liquid Damage

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My phone ROG 6 purchased in November 2022 is liquid damaged (Bottom 25% submerged in water for few seconds) and its dead. 

RMA No. INR6R50102 and received quotation of INR 53,705.10 for change of motherboard and sub-board.

The rate quoted is too high and out of my budget. I would prefer to go with brand new flagship phone of the other brands in same price of INR 53,705.10 but,

I am die hard FAN of ROG series (Been upgrading since ROG 2) This is the 1st time such thing has happened to me and I feel very DEPRESSED.
Since the new phone I purchased for INR 72000, I wont be considering spending INR 53,705.10 for repairs as adding few more thousands will fetch me ROG 6 brand new or ROG 5s for INR 39999. 
Kindly please provide me free replacement of the motherboards for the same or reasonable discounted price. I cannot see ROG 6 dead lying in front of me.  



Star III

Please consider this as a special case once me being a big fan of Asus ROG PHONE series please 🙏 

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Community Manager
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