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Battery Draining Horribly in Android 13.

Rising Star I

After updating to Android 13, my phone's battery giving out put of 4 hours screen time only, i have factory reset the device 2 to 3 times but still having the same issue, this issue was less in Android 12 and 11. Team of the Asus company please consider this post and do work on battery optimisation. Mobile network draining battery too fast. Please optimise


Star I

Hello, same problem here with my Rog phone 6d ultimate. Did a factory reset a couple of months ago because of the battery drain from the android system and now the problem appeared again. Tried updating the play store but the battery is draining the same. Don't know what to do now. 

I think Asus is not optimising the software, they are just in race to roll out new Android system.

It is only happening because of not optimisation of the software.

We are paying money for the premium phones but in return getting poor results comparing to other companies.

Shame on Asus really , they are just making profit only and making fools to customers.

Yes brother 

Star I

Replying just to keep the post on top and hoping someone has a fix.