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ROG PHONE 3 - LCD to small rainbow screen to total black

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I've been using my rog phone 3 since March 2021, but on the first week of Jan 2022, the LCD just started to have a small rainbow tile and also started to have a black liquid that is spreading like every second. How can I fix this? What are your suggested solutions? Please do let me know. cause I really am frustrated, my phone hasn't experienced any fall or drop. It's updated on its latest FW and not rooted. Please someone help me! I'm in the Middle East, there is no Asus mobile service center here. -_-


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damaged OLED screen. You need to replace the screen.

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@ejaycee Without a picture of your display it's hard to give any definitive answers, but it does sound like hardware damage. If you can't reach out to an ASUS service center, please contact your reseller instead.