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Resolved! rog 5s wifi and hotspot sudenlly stop working just now

dear sir/madam;today just some time before i see my phones wifi not connected. then i check every single setting but nothing happen my wifi not on. the i see my hotspot also not working.please suggest something to solve the issue..thank yousalroo saj...

Rog just is a sheet phone with NO service or **bleep** service!

 Rog just is a sheet phone , I had mine go after a software update, than the air triggers stopped than the cruise failed and replaced than it all went down with no service and jo one to talk to! I stay away from this phone although the airtriggers ar...

Liran by Star II
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Liquid metal on my rog 5 🤣

So I finally decided to open my rog 5 because its already out  of warranty so might as well experiment on it  I know puting liquid metal on a phone is a very bad idea , but still why not  and it went successful I thought my phone wouldn't booth up b...

MT0 by Rising Star II
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Battery Draining Horribly in Android 13.

After updating to Android 13, my phone's battery giving out put of 4 hours screen time only, i have factory reset the device 2 to 3 times but still having the same issue, this issue was less in Android 12 and 11. Team of the Asus company please consi...


I tried to use my airtrigger (ultrasonic button) but they dont work, i thought its a hardware problem but after a update around 2 weeks ago they worked only 5 min and no more. Anyone else with same problem and if and solutions?

ZÉRØ by Star I
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Not working wifi

Since new updated software rog 5s not working on my wifi and hotspot? Can anyone help me to solve this problem. My wifi n hotspot 'Error' 

Asus RPG phone 5 Update not showing

I'm using Asus ROG phone 5, and I visit their website regularly to see if there is an update. The software download section on the site has been removed. What is the reason of this?

Wifi and Hotspot not turning on in my ASUS ROG 5S

I bought ASUS ROG 5S on november 2022 and it was working fine till now. But in the last two weeks, wifi and hotspot is not turning on and it is really disappointing. What shall i do now?

GK25496 by Star I
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new advance tunning for max setting for genshin impact rog 5

firmware latest: 33.0210.0210229CAUTION: you need a aero cooler 6 or a decent cooler to use this profile I made new improve advance tunning for  genshin impact   for max graphic settings because asus can't fix there own phone in every update    if yo...

MT0 by Rising Star II
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