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Air Triggers Not Working

Star I

I was playing game and my air Triggers stopped suddenly. I have tried restart, cleaned up storage and cache of Armoury crate but it is still not working.



Hi @anisngh01 


So sorry to hear about your air triggers not working properly. Since you have already tried these troubleshooting steps, please reach out to your local service center for further help:,Contact%20Us,-Contact%20with%20A...

I did put my phone to Service Center, they said nothing is wrong, and they just did some "minor adjustment", the technician said it will be fine if i upgrade to android 13 again, the first time i got my phone, yes the air trigger works again, and then i tried to update to android 12 (because it used to be the most stable) and the air trigger don't work anymore. I am sure 100% it is from your Developer, but you guys won't admit it either way, so yeah. Thanks for the assistance, the problem is still there. Not even your "service center" could fix it. what a fckng joke. 

Star III

This is happening all around the world, you are not alone, i do have that problem too. Like i said, the source of the problem mainly from their developer, but they won't admit it, because they claim Asus product is like a God product, no defect, no broken stuff, if the problem occur it is mainly from user because they are so perfect beyond God. What can you do now is just waiting, until they launch the newly software update which i predict will never come. you can check on my forum ROG Phone 5 Air Trigger Malfunction - ASUS - ZenTalk - 397454. I'm with you mate.