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Asus Rog 5 wifi and hotspot stopped working again

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Hi Asus team

My wifi and hotspot has stopped suddenly working again on  december 5 2023 without any update on phone, this is the second time it has happened the first time i got my motherboard replaced as it was in warranty now am facing the same issuse

What is wrong with the phone why asus has giving its customers a hard time after spending so much money

Please suggest a solution #asus rog5



@Maxp , @Zapx 
According to what you described, please refer to the following FAQ to try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi problem first.
If the issue persists, I have PM you for confirming your product warranty.
Please check the PM inbox at the top right corner of the screen and kindly provide the requested information.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

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after 3 months i fix that probelm.. when i go to service center.. u need to replace motherboard, and it cost 80% of the the price..

i searching some article on internet, and watch some video on youtube.. the possible problem is the RAM. cz the chipset and RAM is piled up into one place.. and when the phone get heat, it can cause problem.  for the furture..

1. when charging phone u hv not to play it.

2. setting charging 80%, not 100% on armory crates. and setting heat to low

3. and u need charge when 20% battery, dont 3% battery.

i had problem same with your probelm. first my wifi and hotspot didnt work, "error". and 3 month past my phone suddenly dead, can not to turn on. 

solution to make wifi and hotspot working again

1. if ur phone still had warranty, ur lucky.. go ahead to asus center.. they will give u new motherboard

2. if ur warranty is eshausted, go to service phone near you, "the trusted one" and say want to replace ram of ur phone.

if you force it to be repaired in a place where it is not genuine asus (asus center). will void the warranty period.

my asus rog phone 5s.. now work normal.. after upgrade ram from 8 to 12gb. the cost is 1/5 price of this phone, and until now i thik is worh it.

you can search my history reply about the issue here :

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same issue with my phone also