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Airplane mode issue

Star III

Hi asus team

After updating on android 13, I am facing issue where my rog5 goes on airplane mode while my phone call is going on within 5 mins and voice calls gets discconted any one else facing same issue ?


Rising Star I

Me too facing the same problem since updated to Android 13. Motherboard already replaced twice. I think this one also something related to board issues.

I had my motherboard replace when there was wifi phone is already out of warraanty..dont knowcif this can be fixed...

This one seems to be arise as an issue like the wifi & hotspot problem to many customers and may gradually affect the whole network on the phone and will be useless within few more weeks. As we are out of warranty, I'm already start to search for the new phones and add some to the cart. Waiting for the slow death of this "masterpiece"

As it is a global issuse..they might do the repairs for free, even if its out of warranty, need to check with the service center