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App crash, Network lagging, phone is absolutely slow

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Sir, what brings you here? Your Android 13 version contains numerous problems and issues. Previously, my phone worked better save for a network issue. But now that I've updated, it's driving me insane, dude. What should I do? I'm performing youtube live when the app crashes and the phone turns off and on. How  bro? I'm going insane with this Asus phone. If you do not resolve this issue with my phone. I will absolutely make a video on this subject and upload it on YouTube and Instagram. Sorry, but I need a solution for this.

Model: Asus ROG 5 

Mail id:





Hi Lingesvaran 

We're so sorry to hear about the issues you're facing. 

Please, backup your data and perform a factory reset to see if this helps. If the factory reset does not help, please let me know. 

Thank you! 


Community Manager
Community Manager
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