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App clash, Network lagging, phone slow, Now charging bug and its all comeafter the Android 13 update

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 Hello sir,

As you said, sir, I reset the phone to its factory settings; but, it still has the same issues, such as app conflicts and slow response times. What can I do, sir, to fix these issues? The phone was good to use prior to Android 13's upgrade, but sir, why did that update have so many flaws and issues? This phone now has a lot of issues, as seen on my YouTube live.I can't even properly put live. Please take action or provide an update to address this issue, sir. If you do not address this issue, I will give negative feedback on the Asus ROG 5 on YouTube and Instagram.Please evaluate my complaint and provide me with a remedy. I've attach some proof of problem in phone.


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Same here. Changing setting or install any apps will make the phone restart itself. sometimes error will shown on screen. Failed to start android like system have file corrupt/missing system file. 

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