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Log Tool having Bug

Rising Star I

Hi guys,

Now about the next bug that I got today itself after the network issue that I mentioned in the previous post a few minutes ago.

After just opening Codm for 5 minutes I closed my phone and when I unlocked it again the triggers were still working even through the game was closed and removed from the background. From here I turned the LOG Tool General Case ON. I said trigger were working but actually it was just making vibration as set in Codm profile and wasn't doing any clicks anywhere on the screen. Closed my screen a few times but still nothing. Opened the Air trigger settings and even through it was already OFF I set it ON and OFF again but as it is ROG 7 made by super genius Devs nothing happened and the air triggers were still working. I opened Clash of Clans in which I don't have any Air trigger profile set up but the triggers were still making vibration even through it was not doing any action in-game. From the game I set the air triggers ON and OFF and then it turned OFF. 

The whole thing took approx 5 minutes and then I stopped LOG generation and from that time it isn't able to make the log file. It's more than 5 hours now. 

Just for info I have used log took many times and I know how it works. 

So ya hands off to the Log Tool too. Asus has executed and handled the situation very smoothly regarding Android 14. I bought 2 new phones Asus didn't even came in my consideration and it never will.

Overheating is like hell. It's 48°C here at peak hours now in summers and the phone is just on the verge of blasting from my hands I think. When I gave Devs the log file when everyone of us were giving for overheating a few month ago they replied to me that it was because I was charging my phone. Dude I was charging at freaking 8 Watts. I use the feature given in Battery > Battery Care > Steady Charging > Ultra Steady which charges the phone at only 8 Watts. I haven't seen any phone expect ROG to heat to 44°C because of charging at 8 Watts and using normal browsing and all. It was all in winters. Now is a totally different story for the worse of course.