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Full FPS drop in games

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Hi, Are you hearing problems of customers?@mattias_Asus . WTF is this 1500$ mobile is for **bleep**ing for calls even I playing asphalt 9 I getting 56 FPS/60. There is no reply for any questions are you  dead like asus  7 ultimate Mobile (**bleep**)😂  Don't buy asus rog phones the same thing i wanna post in my thread . No one is responding the gaming experience is soo bad like **bleep** .I wanna through this mobile .


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Many games become very laggy when updating to the latest Android system. For example, in the game Wuthering Waves, the fps obtained is only around 40-52 and then always drops to 20-29 fps, with temperatures fluctuating and even reaching 46°C.

There are people who play this game using the same chipset, but the game runs consistently at 60 fps.


@Sai73737  If you are experiencing issues after an update you can try doing a factory reset as Android updates can sometimes have issues but with a clean install that should be cleared.

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disclaimer: I'm not trying to be a jerk here.


@Sai73737 are you on .76 ? if the answer is yes, don't bother to factory reset your phone. Already did mine 2 weeks ago and nothing changed, decided to rollback to android 13 a week ago.


well you're welcome to try though, good luck