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Sim Network Issue

Rising Star I

Hi guys, 

I can't explain the level of bugs I'm facing in Rog 7. Even the Log tool has bugs. 

Today I was having network problem on both of my sims.

I was at my home as usual and the network was gone for sim 1 for more than an hour even though sim 1 & sim 2 both are of the same operator. 

I did the usual thing... aeroplane mode... But no luck. Tried a few times but still nothing. So I got the sim tray out swapped the sims and now both sim signal was gone for another 30 minutes. In that time I tried multiple time sim tray in and out but nothing. I had another phone with same operator sim in it and that was working and receiving full signal. I left the phone alone for the time and it got the signal. 

I even made a log of it and will send it to a moderate if they replied to the thread. 

For your general question I'm using lastest and worst firmware .76.

So basically ROG 7 a $1000 phone isn't able to do a think that's the most basic purpose of a phone.


Star II

Same i had this issue not worth the price, my redmi can get better in term of this issue