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Feature queries.

Rising Star II
1. How does Hyperfusion work and will it consume more data?
2. What happens if i accidentally plug in Type-C earphones/charging cable into the colored bottom side port?
3. What are ways to keep the screen healthy? Do Burn-in tests like this actually help?

4. I thought the boot-up animation had sound. Mine is silent and just vibrates.

Community Legend III

To answer this requires the expertise of the mod. My guess is if your WiFi keep disconnected, low signal, "triggered low speed", mobile data takes over.

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HyperFusion prioritizes stability, and will kick over to mobile data if the throughput is low enough.
Wi-Fi is better in most ways, so it's recommended to stay on that if you can. HyperFusion is there to provide a smoother expereience if your Wi-Fi is struggling for some reason or another.