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This youtube video caused the thole WINDOWS system FREEZED

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System: window 11
Battery or AC: AC
Model: ASUS TUF A15 F506QR 5800h&3070&240hz screen
Frequency of occurrence: EVERYDAY
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
USE CHROME OR EDGE open this link :
make sure your laptop is on 240hz mode. when it's on 60hz mode, it will crash, but not that frequently.
I Open only chrome make sure no other programs using igpu the same time. Play the video and pause. the entile system freezed almost the same time. keyboard mouse trackpad all gone.
What i can do is to force restart the system. But there is no bsod no event log about this freezing.
So i DON'T Know how to solve it.
It's not about only this particular YOUTUBE video. ALL video with the quality of 240p ON YOUTUBE do the same.

if i close the hardware acceleration in chrome the freezing prolem may be gone.

but that uses a lot more power and cpu usage is really high which makes the system slow down.

I went to my vendor last month. And they replace my laptop with a whole new motherboard.
But the problem is still here. Nothing changed.

I tried the same process with only one slot of ram. The system is slower but not freezed.
I test this with 8 different ddr4 ram. It's not ram's hardware problem.

I THINK is about the amd vega. Force open chrome with nvidia GPU works fine.
Maybe it's the communication between ram and igpu caused problem. Maybe its igpu shrared memory 's problem.
the only reason that can cause the whole system freeze without bluescreen is the ram problem. Maybe igpu has some high authenticated rights and rewrites some essential system memory.
this amd vega 8 gpu only has 512mb of vram. And it can't be changed in Bios. There is no uma buffer size setting in bios where it should be.
Now i have no idea how to solve this problem. I don't have emuch knowledge about how igpu works.
Someone can help?


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Hi there,
Then can you try firefox ? Chrome and Edge are somehow using the same structure.
And the issue is only with Youtube? how about Netflix or other video?
If you are watching video offline, does it crash or stuck?
Thank you.