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screen not working in 144hz but working in 90 or 60 hz any permanent solution for turning into 90hz

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when i start pc in showing black and after complete start it showing display because when pc turn on it on in 144 hz display after this it set it to 90 hz  can any solution for my tuf f15 fx566li to permanent change screen size to 90 hz when start or in bios #screen #tuf f15  



May I ask if you have updated your BIOS version, system version, and graphics card version to the latest ones?
If you have already updated all of them but the issue still persists, your laptop may need to be sent to a repair center for further inspection.
The following is the contact information: 
Also you can contact the local service center for help.
The following is the contact information: 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.
[Notebook/AIO] How to update BIOS in Windows 
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Here are a few things that you can try to fic screen not working issue in windows:

1. Keep your windows updated.

2. Try to re-enable the touch screen option in Device Management.

3. Update the touchscreen driver using a driver updater tool.

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