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Reinstall original Asus operating system

Star I

Hi there!

I need to reinstall the original operating system on my ASUS X556UR. I had a faulty factory reset experience a while ago and managed to revive my laptop with a standard copy of Windows 10, but I'm hoping to restore it to the original ASUS factory settings. I've found all of the separate drivers and updates on the Asus website, but I was hoping for a boot file with for ASUS base reset (if there is such a thing?) Serial: GBN0CV17047247G




Hi there! Thanks for getting back to me. Just tried your solution but wasn't able to find the Restore apps and settings option.

I cant remember specifics as it was over a year ago, but at one point my laptop had a big crash and I remember it saying that my OS was unrecoverable. It kept giving me an error every time I tried to start it and in the end I was only able to load into the BIOS. I downloaded a copy of Windows 10 from my 2nd computer and reinstalled a clean version on my laptop. It worked but the ASUS programmes were gone, as well as things like my touchpad functionality. It works ok still if I'm using an external mouse, but thought I'd see if I could find the original factory out-of-box software and return it to that. Although I'm not sure if what I'm hoping for actually exists. Thanks for your time.

Please install the drivers for the following models to check if the encountered issue can be resolved.