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Looking for EZ Flash BIOS G713QMAS312 for ROG Strix G713QM laptop

My new laptop came with BIOS version 312. When I let MyAsus update the BIOS to 316 the device started shutting off the laptop a few seconds after the lid is closed even though Windows 10 is set to do nothing when the lid is lowered. In fact, it does this even when Windows is not running, such as when I boot from a flash stick or even when I go straight into UEFI. In any of those scenarios when the lid is closed the lights flash for a few seconds then the device just powers off and even the charging indicator light goes off.
This shutdown is not clean either, when I power on again it starts a full Windows boot, not a wake from sleep, and more than once it warned me the device had been shut down suddenly and the disks needed to be checked.
The Asus driver page for my laptop only lists the 314 and 316 BIOS versions for download so I used UEFI EZ Flash to downgrade to 314 but that version has the same problem. Eventually I had to return my laptop to the store for an exchange (I'd only had it 3 weeks) to get back to the lid closure respecting the Windows setting. The replacement has BIOS version 312 again so it looks like 314 and 316 are the problem. Unfortunately that version is not listed for download and a call to Asus support couldn't find it for me. I know it must exist somewhere because it's installed on my laptop out of the box.
The BIOS flash utility that Asus used to supply allowed you to copy an image of your current BIOS before an upgrade, but UEFI EZ Flash doesn't have that feature and neither does the Windows executable update utilities.
Does anyone have a copy of or know of some way for me to create an image of my current BIOS before performing a future update in case I have to revert to 312?

Rising Star II
Hi there,
Because 312 is the old version when unit launched.
We still suggest update to 316.
If possible, please provide the SN of the old defect and new replaced units.
Please send SN info via PM.
Thank you.

Hi there. Thanks for your reply. I went to your user page but I can't figure out how to PM you.

Rising Star II
Hi there,
I sent a PM to you.
Please check and reply in the PM.
Thank you,