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Laptop shutdown issue when on battery power.

Battery or AC: Battery
Model: Asus ROG GA503QM
Frequency of occurrence: Regular
System: Windows 11 HomeS========================
Detailed description: After I updated the laptop operating system to Windows 11, whenever I close the lid and leave my laptop for more than a few minutes, my laptop shuts down. I've tried all solutions I could find online but could only change the settings for when the laptop is charging.
Now when my laptop is plugged in the laptop stays asleep and retains all the open apps when I wake it up. However, this is not the case when it's on battery. All of the applications are lost and I've lost some information because of this.
I've tried to change the group policies and tried to change the power plan settings through advanced plan settings but nothing has worked for the "on battery" options.

Rising Star II
Hi there,
It may be hardware issue.
Please contact the service center to have further inspection.
Thank you.