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Keyboard and touchpad dropouts

Star I
System: System: ROG G55VW
Battery or AC: both
Model: see above
Frequency of occurrence: permant
Reset OS: yes
Screenshot or video: no
Detailed description:
Last night, i disconnected my G5VW from power. (otherwise it's connected permanantely)
During night, the battery then run out of power (isn't the newest one, of course)
Since this mornig, my keyboard and touchpad now have dropouts.
When typing, every couple letters won't be registerd.
When holding down one button, I can see, that approximately every second the input will not registered.
This occurs with every button.
Also the touchpad has the same issue. When moving the cursor around, approimately every second the cursor stops for a brief moment.
This happens in Windows 10 and also when I'm entering the BIOS.
So I don't think that this might be a driver issue.
A connected external USB keyboard works fine.
Any idea, whats going wrong here?


Star I
Okay, now some weird news:
After around five hours, the keyboard and touchpad dropouts dissappeared by themselves.
But, I'm able to reproduce the issue:
By removing und reinstallng the battery pack!
When I remove and reinstall the battery pack, Windows 10 does not longer find it (No battery detected) and the dropouts reoccur for around 15 minutes.
But when I remove the battery, the dropouts dissapear again.