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Help setting up a static IP6 network

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I am looking for some help to help set up a home networking system due to being hacked remotely. I have an old ASUS to G and 5G network system that I would like to connect to the Zen Wi-Fi AX 6600 tri-band system with a unify switch 24 managed with SFP that I use optimum cable system w/modem . I also have a securifi wireless or cord Almond router/access point with a couple on wireless network extenders. I’m computer literate so to speak until about 20 yrs ago I broke my back and neck. I try to keep up on thinks but I’m struggling to set this up securely since it was recently hacked remotely through my printer. My desktop pc is a  Microelectronic  G469 w/ i9-10850k CPU @3.60GHz  3601 MHz 10 core 20 logical processor w AMD 2.M3 bios 3.2 with  NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3080Ti graphic card PNP Running Win11pro on 2 curved monitors that my network needs to support 2 iPhones one 12 one 13pro max, LG tablet, two Lg smart tvs one 4 k  another desktop computer older Hp  nothing too fancy and a few Wi-Fi accessories like apple smart watch Amazon halo few Amazon fire tv products that I would like to set up with OGT and  Amazon show  and Amazon show 2 and Amazon speakers and one google speaker but due to running a business well startup of one plus doing some things that I need the best security on I have installed ESset network security plus MalwareBytes on phones and pc as well. So I am looking for advice and direction on how to if I need to pay someone it can’t be much. I am able to follow directions or assistance in setting it up but need help for the Best and most secure way to do this. Please after being hacked I did restore back to older saved off my external hard drive and now it shows system secure but my internet is all screwed up now! I can’t seem to even get it to look for a backhaul system using the old Blackhawk as my backhaul. Please I’m begging for some help! SOS Thanks again in advance because I know people are out there that can assist me! THANKS 



Here we mainly discuss the issues/questions related to ASUS laptop & Phone product.

For your Router questions, I suggest you contact our local call center to have further assistance.

Please refer to below and find the link of local call center. 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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