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mobile network issues

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Hello, i have an issue with my phone, very often i have problems with mobile network, it works, but after some time(many times in a day) network just simply stop working, i can receive calls tho.  Only reboot or switching to airplane mode and then turning it off fixes issue, but just for few hours. I have not yet discovered the patter when mobile network stops to work.

Phone is new, going in second week of usage
Updated to Android 14
Have tried both sim card slots, same thing
Tested sim card in old phone, works without problems.

Under sim card setting, these are enabled:
Mobile data
Data roaming notification
Auto LTE carrier aggregation
Prefered network types - 2G/3G/4G (I have disabled 5g, it didnt change a thing, still same network problem)

any advice's or fixes for this?

Thank you.


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is there a way to downgrade back to Android 13? I cant figure out this mobile network problem. 

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Great support...

Star II

no more issues, sim card fault, had to replace it.