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Bad video quality during video call

Star I

Hey guys...


I recently bought my Zenfone 10 and I noticed that the image quality during video call is very bad . The image looks completely pixelated like a filter was active. My previous phone was an iphone 8 , (6 years of use) and the image is much sharper. When checking the camera app the video looks quite good so I know is not a hardware issue. Any tips on how to fix this issue?


Note: the quality is bad during video calls both for the front and back camera.. so it feels something is off with the software. Also, I have already cleared the app cache and performed a complete factory reset with no success


Thank you for your help!



Hey @Profanitor,

Can you please mention the name of the app you use for video calling?

Hey Mansi, this happens with whatsapp APP. I already tried reinstalling the app, and clear the cache. I also have the same using other apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. All have very low quality images. I have an old iphone 8 and the quality during calls is so much better it is weird. When recording a video using the camera app the quality is very good though. 

I'm having the same problem here. I was using Whatsapp Video Call. Another problem is the front camera too purple, same app. Hope you can help me fix this. Thanks!

Star I

Same problem.