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Zenfone 10 Moderator or technician

Star III

I Have some questions to Asus please answer:

1. After android 14 update my battery is not as good as it was before?

2. Why you did not make root for zf10 you promised?

3. Why there is nothing on your store?

4. Why you do not push new security updates on time?

5. Why we should have only two years od software updates ? 


Star II

Why is no one answering ?

Because the three people running this company called Asus are all currently busy writing advertising material for the Zenfone 11...

I own the 10 (for now). Considering how new this phone is and Asus has already forgot to push security updates for it, their SW team is obviously a joke. Almost two weeks ago this phone has become a paperweight because it cannot be used in companies that take cybersecurity seriously as the latest patch was on 5th December 2023

Do You see here any answer to my questions ? Maybe I have some problem with my eyes. I asked only some questions and no answer