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Dual Monitors for ASUS S410U Laptop - Help.

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Looking for a way to use 2 monitors with this laptop. I have 2 Dell monitors for my Dell work laptop that use the USB-C output on the Dell laptop to a Dell docking station where the 2 older monitors are connected with DisplayPort.

My ASUS laptop outputs are USB-C and HDMI. When I connect the ASUS to the Dell docking station no response, so I assume they are not compatible.

All I want is to be able to use both external monitors and act as "dual" monitors with extended display so I can move apps back and forth. I don't need the other functionality of a docking station, just the ability to have 2 ext monitors.

I looked for splitters but I cannot find a "HDMI to DisplayPort splitter", only a "DisplayPort to HDMI" splitter.

Any help is appreciated.


Star I

If you use dual monitors with your ASUS laptop, which has USB-C and HDMI outputs, and your Dell monitors are connected via DisplayPort through a Dell docking station, you may face compatibility issues. A simple HDMI to DisplayPort splitter may not suffice. Consider exploring a PR Agency in Jakarta for alternative solutions or adapters that support your specific setup for extended display functionality without needing a docking station.


May I ask if you could provide me with the complete model number of the laptop you are using?
This way, I can verify its specifications.
How to find Model Name

Thank you.