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Combination mesh system

Star I

I've a mesh system consisting of 2 ET8  and 4 AX 6 devices, my internet source is via a T-Mobile gateway, the 

Asus system is setup in AP mode.

One of the ET8's is acting as the router, while the other is acting as a node via wired backhaul.

Two of the AX6's are connected via wired backhaul, while the other 2 are wireless.

For some reason both AX6 nodes want to connect to the ET8 nodes, no matter what I do.

I've tried connecting 1 of the AX6's wirelessly to a wired backhaul AX6 successfully (the web based GUI indicates so), but after awhile that particular AX6 will change it's connection and connect to the nearest ET8 instead.

Is this normal node behavior for a mixed system such as mine?



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Community Manager
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