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Chronic Fan Problem

Star I
System: Windows 10 64-Bit
Battery or AC: AC
Model: GL503GE
Frequency of occurrence: Chronic
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video: Video
Detailed description:My GL503GE started having some problem on the right-side fan (i.e. GPU fan) a year ago. I sent it to the service, waited for a month and half, and I was told that the problem was fixed.
Then, in four months, the same problem at the same place reoccurred. Given I don't even move the device from one room to another, it is one of the following:
1) the service didn't fix it (which isn't that likely as the problem was solved for some months).
2) There is some defect with the device as the very same problem occurred at the very same part of the device.
I asked for a replacement. Of course, ASUS didn't accept this. Then I lived with the issue, trying to solve myself. Neither I could solve it, nor the problem disappeared. In the end, today, I got mad.
Please look at the video:

I would upload more, yet there is the size limit. Also the site does not allow me to add links here so that you can see those other videos I uploaded to streamable.
What is the problem? Normally I'd say that it is a bad rotor. But the very same problem reoccurring after the device being serviced leads me to think that it is otherwise.
Hence, I have couple of questions to you fellow people:
1- Is there any way to be sure that the very same problem will not reoccur when the device will be serviced?
1.1 - If not, how do I trust ASUS products and service any more?
1.2 - If so, why did it happen again?
2- Why ASUS does not sell the original piece to me, given that the warranty period is now over?
3- Other than a broken rotor, what are your ideas?
4- Is there anyone else that face the same problem, especially with the same model?

Community Legend II
Hello mrohank,
Was there any update or modification before the issue occurred?
Was it under specific scenario when the issue occurred? It sounds a bit like hard disk.
When the issue occurred, is there any lagging, overheating or anything ?
Thank you.