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Can i turn of dGPU (GTX 1650) to save power?

Star II
System: Asus TUF Gaming A15
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: FA506IH (Ryzen 5 - 4600H; GTX 1650)
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS: No (windows 11 Dev)
Screenshot or video: No
Detailed description:
Currently i get 2-2.5 Hours of battery backup on my gaming laptop while doing normal stuff. I want to know if i can turn off the GTX 1650 GPU on my laptop and if so, how much power can i save along with the process. Thankyou in advance.

Community Legend II
Hi there,
First you can switch to Silent mode in Armoury Crate.
And you can turn on power saving in MyASUS or your Windows power setting.
And in Nvidia control center, you can set the programs not to use dGPU.
Thank you.