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Wifi driver again not working for Asus Tuf F15 FX506LH

Wifi is not working again due to driver issues.....even when bios update and everything is updated regularly....Bios Version: FX506LH.310Model Name: FX506LHAnd really, this is 3rd time, im facing this same issue....if its going to be same everytime.....

electric arc like sound coming from the proart studiobook.

System: Battery or AC: Model: Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description: I just bought proart studio book 16 (12th gen intel and rtx 3060), when I am using the 3d modeling software, there is ...

pc / smartphone gaming

hello i need advice, should i buy pc or smartphone for my gaming experience?

New Laptop gaming

Hello all, i wanna buy laptop for gaming, i can play gaming 24 hours, any reccomendation good gaming laptop?

Product Registration Failed

System: ASUS Tuff GamingBattery or AC: Model: FX705GDFrequency of occurrence: On trying to register productReset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:I purchased this item new from a supplier in 2019 and i cannot regi...

armory crate not working and can not switch performance mode

System: asus tuf gaming F15Battery or AC: bothModel: FX566LI - HN272T(FX566LI)Frequency of occurrence: from few daysReset OS: windows 10Screenshot or video: attached below======================== armory crate is not working and i can not switch betw...



I need help. I could not register my mother board. Please assist and see the screenshot attached.


mouse for laptop Asus BR1100CKA

I purchased a new laptop, it is an Asus BR1100CKA; and after registering, support sent me here., I would like to add a mouse (with a cord) to the laptop, if that is possible, instead of using the finger pad.any help with finding out the information ...