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Asus made fraud with product name

Star I

I'm using GX701GXR but board's name is GX701GXH even i didn't realize abour 4 years.

cannot get bios/firmware update 309, 310 unlike GX701GXR, GX701GX.

Users paid some thousand dollars on these product, but Asus did this.


Hall of Fame I

You're wrong. You simply don't understand what you're looking at. All notebooks are GX701GX notebooks but the last letter means different things based on setup.

modelname is: GX701GX, Your version is GX701GX, the H stands for HDR, meaning you have the HDR supported version. The GX701GXR is the only one out of all 3 models that has a difference on it's motherboard, the R stands for refresh, which is refering to the CPU, as the only difference between a regular GX710 and a refresh is the CPU, which is 9750H instead of 8750H.

In terms of BIOS, you'll need to download GX701GXR. No scam, you simply got confused by ASUS crappy naming.