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why asus sevice suckssss

see i have orders asus tuf a15 from amazon when i hhave checcked the warrenty from my asus it is not showing me the actual warrenty expire date so when i have contacted there customer care service they said  they cant solve this problemso they have a...

Asus’s laptop recommendation for engineering student

Do you have any laptop recommendation for engineering student ( I need to run some modeling software (for environment and energy consumption or related to that) for my thesis) ? Currently I live in Korea. I still scrolled is it good to buy Asus ROG X...

fahai8 by Star I
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Resolved! ASUS TUF FA507XI.307 Can't update bios to 308, blackscreen

I cant update BIOS, blank screen keep coming, already trying https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1040405/ but not works. In my model, after 15 second, light on power already shutdown.There's 2 method to update BIOS, I'm trying all but not works:1. Windo...

Wifi connection drops

Suddenly the wifi connection drops, when I'm in the middle of my work. And it doesn't show the connectivity option. I've to restart my laptop everytime this happens. Please help.  

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Riya17 by Star I
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Resolved! Burn-in on my new ROG Strix G16?

Anyone seen this before? It suddenly showed up and act like a permanent burn-in. The LapTop is only a couple of months old. Any advice? G614JV-N3076W

Ssd problems

I removed hdd and installed ssd in my asus gl551j laptop.now I'm stuck on aptio setup utility.am I missing operating system please help 

Random Computer crashes during game play

I've had this laptop for about 6 months... Its been pretty random but mid game the computer will crash and then restart. I've tried raising it up to keep it cooler, fan on power supply, running my air conditioner in my room. At this point its really ...

Second time laptop not working in 1 & half years

I bought rog strix g513 year 21’ end of November, its already been on repair and had things fixed and LCD replaced in November 2022. Now suddenly since few days ago he is just dead, no charging light on when plugged in no reset working only thing get...

Resolved! G713PI (2023) Maximum supported upgradeable memory

Hi,I just purchased the G713PI ROG Strix G17 2023 laptop and am curious as to what the maximum memory I can install in it is?It came with 16GB but I know it has a spare Sodimm slot so I could add another 16GB stick taking the total to 32GB.It is poss...

Can I upgrade of replace to 32GB

I am planning to buy this laptop: https://www.asus.com/laptops/for-home/everyday-use/asus-creator-laptop-q-q530/I want to know if I can upgrade or instead replace the RAM to 32GB, please suggest!