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Asus should consider putting the Flow x13's XG Mobile Dock on all future Ryzen Laptops.

Rising Star I
Well, this is a such a good thing, and a useful adapter to be limited to just one device.
Asus should consider developing an eco system of products based on it, so all future Asus Ryzen Based Laptops can have eGPU supports, this will make ASUS Ryzen laptop more popular than it already is. Future Laptops and eGpus can also considered to be upgraded to support PCIe 5.0.
Besides the current XG Mobile eGPUs, Asus should consider also coming with regular Versions. Sort of like their XG Station series, just using the Flow- X13 dock instead of Thunderbolt. A lot of people might just want to leave gaming to plug in while at home. A 250W version a 450W version, with the 2nd one supporting up to RTX 3090, or maybe even the new RTX 4000 series. Asus can consider selling the station with the GPU together.