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OpenVPN - cannot connect to other clients on the LAN

Star I

Hello, I have successfully setup OpenVPN on a ZenWIFI AX6600 in with a TUN interface type, protocol UDP, and connected to it from a Windows client.  I can access the WAN/Internet but it does not allow me to connect to other devices on the LAN.  I can ping IP addresses on the LAN, but I can't connect to them (e.g., a SMB share).  The LAN is setup with DHCP from and when I connect to OpenVPN, I get an IP address of (as defined in the OpenVPN setup).  In the ASUS router OpenVPN configuration, I have "Push LAN to Clients" and "Direct clients to redirect internal traffic" enabled. 

I tried enabling "Manage Client-Specific Options" and "Allow Client <--> Client" but when I connect to the router from my OpenVPN client, I get continual errors for "read UDPv4:  Connection reset by peer (WSAECONNRESET)(fd=234.CODE=10054)" errors on the OpenVPN client and  it never establishes a connection.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

I also tried changing the interface type to TAP but that had other issues.