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In AiMesh, devices connect via 5.0Ghz but only from the main router and not the nodes

Star III


I have an AiMesh system consisting of an RT-AC5300 main router and two nodes consisting of an RT-AX58U and an RT-AC68U.

Devices connect via the 5.0Ghz band but only when they are on the RT-AC5300.  When those same devices connect via the nodes, only 2.4Ghz connections are made.

What, if anything, can I do to make the nodes connect via the 5.0Ghz band?

Thank you!


Accepted Solutions

I normally would recommend putting AX as primary router, basically higher WiFi first, but last person here said he wasn't willing to swap for whatever reason, so I am trying to be more accepting...  Hopefully that is a reasonable option for you to swap/try...

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Rising Star II

Normally I'd say check security and change to WPA2/WPA3 Personal and try again but WPA3 is not an option on an AC router if I'm not mistaken.

Do you have a WiFi analyzer app that can verify the nodes are broadcasting 5 GHz?

I am using WPA2 Personal.  Do you have a recommendation of the name of a WiFi anaylzer as I am unfamiliar with those applications.  I can use either a laptop PC or an iPhone to do the snooping.

I am currently using Network Analyzer Pro:  net tools by Techet on my months old OnePlus Open Android phone.  It appears available for iOS but I'm not very convinced it would be very helpful for you.

I switched from iOS a couple of months ago and I'm trying to figure out a decent app to use.  I tried some of them maybe one is NetSpot by Etwok.  (I prefer not to pay a subscription but I see a lot are subscription based)...

EDIT-  Is the RT-AX58U wired to the RT-AC5300, or does it use wireless backhaul?

The RT-AX58U uses wired backhaul.  I obtained, on a test basis, an GT- AXE16000 for use and replaced the AC-5300.  Now the devices connected to the RT-AX58U connect via 5.1.  Either there is an AX-AC compatibility glitch/nuance or putting the higher specification AX at the top of the AiMesh hierarchy did the trick.

I'll have to do a little more research, like swapping the 58 in place of the 16000 at the top of the hierarchy, etc.

Thanks for your help!