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Does a ZenWiFi AX6600 system disconnect the Ethernet Ports if the Internet goes out?

Star I

This is a Pre-Sales Question I hope someone can answer before I buy a new Asus ZenWiFi System for my Home.

I have a few Hard Wired Devices (Desktop PC, XBox, PS3, Switch etc.) that I want to be able to access even when the local Internet has an outage (It goes out a lot where I live)

I currently have a Deco WiFi6 Mesh Router but it disables the Ethernet Ports if there is no Internet connection.  The Wireless devices stay connected but anything "Hard Wired" gets disconnected until the Internet come back up.
TP Link Customer Support tells me all of their Router Systems work this way and there's no way around it.

So... before I fork out the cash to buy a new Asus setup, does it work the same way?  


Rising Star II

Unfortunately unstable WAN has caused issues with ASUS LAN/Ethernet.  Your best bet is to purchase from a seller that allows returns without restocking fee and test...


Hi @IdahoTim ,

according to your question, after confirmation from the relevant team, the RT-BE88U and BE98U models have this feature (wired devices will disconnect when the internet connection is lost). 

However, currently, other models still allow connection to internal network devices even when the external internet connection is lost. 

Thank you.