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ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 Mesh and Verizon CR1000A Router

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I'm coming to this situation after roughly 8 years with a Verizon CR1000A router and a Netgear Orbi RBR50 Mesh configuration. The Orbi is handling all the wifi in our pre-war apartment (thick walls with metal rods inside) with the CR1000A hosting a wired connection (my pc) as well as the connection with the Orbi and of course, bringing the internet service into our apartment.

I'm needing to replace the Orbi and need to know:

Will the ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 Mesh work in a similar way as the Orbi has been? That is, with the Verizon router in AP mode and the wifi duties handled by the ZenWifi Pro Mesh?

Depending on the answer above, can/does the ZenWifi Pro Mesh work as a REPLACEMENT for the Verizon router? Note that I have my pc connected to the Verizon router via a WIRED rj-45 as well as a TV in our living room, with an Orbi satelite, also connected with an rj-45 and would like to continue with the wired connection for these two devices.

The Orbi is too frequently dropping wifi connections regardless of whether I'm at the rear of our apartment or right next to it.



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My research on Verizon CR1000A shows it as a fairly new router.  Did Verizon send it to you more recently than 8 years ago?  Looks like a decent router per specs that had some sort of issue with speed.  The ZenWiFi should work well as it is is a significant upgrade from the RBR50, (sans USB port).

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Hi Jzchen,

The Verizon CR1000A was installed, roughly six months ago. Thanks for your reply.