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Parental controls not working

Star I

I have a mesh network of the Zenwifi AZ routers. I've set up parental controls using the administrator web page to restrict certain types of websites on my son's computer. However, these just don't seem to have any effect. I'm not getting any error messages; from the setup page it looks like parental controls SHOULD work, but they just don't have any effect.

I spent some time on the phone with Asus tech support, but they couldn't do anything. They promised to elevate it, but two weeks later I haven't received any follow up.



Rising Star II

I've had zero experience trying parental controls/limits I'm afraid.  Could it be a difference from http:// vs https:// ? Again my apologies my son is now 18 years old but I never tried to set this up.  I can vaguely remember catching him on inappropriate sites maybe twice...

Star I

I thought it was just my router.. RT-AC88U

apparently, I’m not alone.. Time Scheduling can be bypassed if you’re connected via node (in a Mesh scenario)

asus is getting super **bleep**ty in all fronts these days..