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VPN server & VLANs

I have an ExpertWiFi EBR63, and I am trying to define that a client connecting remotly via VPN can only asscess X VLAN on my router. Can someone please guide me?What about if I have 2 VPN servers running on the router? e.g. PPTP & Wireguard, can I ro...

Asus_5g by Star I
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WiFi strength of an AiMesh Node

Hello! I apologize if this threat does not go here... but my name is Albert, and I am looking for an explanation about a problem of wifi signal's strength.The thing is: I have a smart wifi 2.4Ghz doorbell in the street. Outside my house. Like 10 mete...

Error Message Upon Logging into ASUS QUI

I have 4 ASUS CT8. Upon logging into the web service of ausus CT8, i see this error message. [IP Adress Invalid]. Pls advice why i am seeing this and how to resolve this. Thanks 

stommc by Star I
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WiFi XT9

Hi there,is ASUS updating the openvpn client within XT9 to 2.5?

Resolved! Can't find AdGuard / ad blocking DNS setting

Hi, while setting up my recently purchased ZenWiFi AX (XT8) system, I enabled a setting somewhere -- in either the Web GUI or the iOS app -- to actively block advertisements from showing up in web traffic.It's working great, but in case I want to dis...

j-lamar by Star I
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Hey got a Modem from asus but it is being ran by optus is there a way i can change it and go with asus wifi?

Cody2 by Star I
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Asus Zenwifi Ax Xt8

Hello, I recently bought an Asus Zenwifi Ax Xt8 - the thing is that the node, although is close to the router, keeps dropping from 5.2ghz to 2.4ghz reducing the speed significantly. I have literally tried everything from app and on web interface noth...

Miz93 by Star I
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Account Router

where I see the account of the ASUS router that does not appear anywhere and the videos on youtube are outdated

ASUS_50 by Star I
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Asus hyrid xc5

Is this out for sale yet? I have seen this product at newegg... Is it a scam or something esle?