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Asus Mesh not internet on one node

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Good day All.

I'm running an ASUS Mesh Wifi with RT-AX59U and RT-AX56U routers connected via ethernet cable with the RT-AX59U being the main router which is connected to the fibre ONT and thus having the main internet connection. If roaming through my house, and my phone connects to the secondary (RT-AX56U) node, it has internet connection. If I however move closer to the main router (RT-AX59U), it connects to the router, but drops internet connection until I physically restart both routers. Can somebody please explain why this happens? It must be mentioned that all other devices which are stationery in specific positions, connect to the respective routers and also has internet connection. The  problem is thus only for mobile the device(s) moving between the nodes.


Good day


I have indeed tested to whether the router is sending out a 5G signal, and yes it does. My devices also pick up the signal and connects to it, but unfortunately internet is not accessible.

It also seems to me like a hardware issue as this is a brand new router.


Good day.  (Thank you)!

At this point since the devices seem to work just fine, as long as they don't hop to a different node, I would suggest trying to rebuild the AiMesh:

Open a web browser and go to

log in

Under General  (on the left side) select AiMesh

in the middle select the RT-AX56U

on the right side select "Management" (tab)

On the bottom of the list of options please "Remove Node"

Once you do that hard/factory reset the RT-AX56U

Then back in ASUSwrt under General -> AiMesh select (towards the center top) "+ Add AiMesh Node".

Go through the process of finding and linking the RT-AX56U.  (It should be able to find it via ethernet, no need to disconnect the ethernet cable nor move the RT-AX56U).

It doesn't matter whether they hop to a different node or not. The problem is not with the mesh, as suspected initially, but rather with 5Ghz only. All nodes work fine on 2.4Ghz, but as soon as I connect any device to the 5Ghz channel, that device loses internet connection. I have done factory resets on both routers, recreated the mesh, updated firmware etc. I think I have tried everything. Problem still persists as soon as I try to connect to the 5Ghz channel.

Please try disabling OFDMA/802.11ax MU-MIMO on 5 GHz band…

Also check that Authentication Method is set to WPA2/WPA3-Personal

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Good day

I've done that too. The funny thing is that when I hard reset the note that is causing the issue, and then connect via 5Ghz, it works for a while, but then drops internet connection. The issue seems to be hardware related as I've done everything possible in attempts to resolve the problem.