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Asus Mesh not internet on one node

Star I

Good day All.

I'm running an ASUS Mesh Wifi with RT-AX59U and RT-AX56U routers connected via ethernet cable with the RT-AX59U being the main router which is connected to the fibre ONT and thus having the main internet connection. If roaming through my house, and my phone connects to the secondary (RT-AX56U) node, it has internet connection. If I however move closer to the main router (RT-AX59U), it connects to the router, but drops internet connection until I physically restart both routers. Can somebody please explain why this happens? It must be mentioned that all other devices which are stationery in specific positions, connect to the respective routers and also has internet connection. The  problem is thus only for mobile the device(s) moving between the nodes.


Hi @Cobitechguy ,

based on your issue, in order to better assist you, please kindly submit a feedback form Web GUI (
1.Connect your device to your router and log in to Web GUI(
2.Find “Administration,” and tap “Feedback”
3.Fill in your region, email (required field), ASUS Service No./Case No.(not required),Select the feedback problem and description.You can also write down comments/suggestions. More details might help us to analyze the issue you have encountered in a faster and more efficient way.
4.Read the agreement and click “I agree.”
5.Tap “Send” to submit your feedback.
Then provide the product serial number, the time of submitting the issue report, the email used for filling out the issue report, and the time when the issue occurred via private message.

Also kindly provide all device's MAC address.

Thank you.

Thank you. I will do that