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Asus ET12 configuration backup and recovery

Star I

For the Zen wifi ET12 - can the network configuration be saved and uploaded for recovery on a replaced unit ?? 

I want to buy a new wifi 6E mesh that supports backup & recovery 


Rising Star II

I actually currently believe all ASUS routers and ZenWiFi support configuration backup and recovery/upload to a replacement unit.  In fact it works well UNLESS your new router has a different chip manufacturer Broadcom to/from Qualcomm.

This video demonstrates how to do it.  The back of the router shown is not a ZenWiFi model but the login shows a ZenWiFi login which should be similar across all of them.


Hi @Jimmykhng ,

based on your issue, if you want to upload the configuration files of ASUS wireless router.

You can refer to the following link.

[Wireless Router] How to upload the configuration files of ASUS wireless router? | Official Support ...

You can save the settings on your ASUS router as a setting file, and then use the upload function to reload the setting file if needed.

Thank you.