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I need ZenWIFI xt8 switching technology-the device itself chooses which communication channel better

Star I

I haven't found an answer for myself, maybe someone can tell me. I have ZenWIFI xt8, I want to connect it throughout the house as one network.
But, from the provider I have a modem with WIFI, to which I connect ZenWIFI xt8, then ZenWIFI xt8 create their own network around the house.
And it turns out that from the provider I have 1 WIFI with my own network, and from xt8 I have my own Mesh system.
What's wrong and how can I do it as one with my provider?


Rising Star II

The preferred method that I know is to turn off WiFi on the ISP modem router combo via Bridge mode.  If Bridge mode is not available then hopefully IP Passthrough.  Then you use a single WiFi network solely supported by your 2 XT8s.  This does waste the WiFi function of the modem with router but avoids a double NAT.

You could try to set the XT8 connected to the modem/router as an Access Point and build the mesh with the 2nd XT8.  (I am not sure this is supported in ZenWiFi, it is on regular ASUS routers).  This will prevent a double NAT, but allow you to continue to use the modem/router WiFi as well as the two XT8s.  (You will not be able to mesh the modem/router with the two XT8s.  But you can name the SSIDs the same and passwords the same).

Rising Star II

Almost forgot about this.  You can try to name all SSIDs the exact same and exact same password, then try to enable WiFi Agile Multiband in both ASUS AiMesh and modem/router combo (if possible).  More info on WAM: