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Z790 ProArt built in igpu not working on i9 -13900T

I have a new Asus ProArt Z790-Creator WiFi motherboard, and i9-13900T cpu. If its all put together with a discrete graphic card it boots up fine.If it take the discrete graphic card out the built in iGPU does not post. I have updated to latest Bios 1...

Resolved! Does Asus customize the Intel graphics drivers?

The graphics drivers on the Asus site are always several versions behind the Intel drivers.  Is this because Asus does some customization of the generic driver?  And if so, what kind of customizations does Asus do?  I have been using the latest Intel...

B650M-Plus wifi DDR%

Hi, DDR5 RAM (32 GB stick) works only in slot A2. In rest of the slots, system doesn't post and qLED stays orange either in single channel or double channel mode. Both sticks work fine in slot A2 individually. BIOS settings are default.RAM Used G.SKI...

Resolved! Can't connect more than 4 sata devices

Hello!I have an issue with my computer. Currently, there are 4 sata hard drives installed + 1 M.2 NVMe. The whole set work nice without issues. Now, I added an USB PCIe card and it requires SATA power. I plugged the wires but USB devices plugged in t...

B650 Motherboard - no networking hardware

I have just installed Windows 10 on a newly built  PC with a B650 M A AX 11  Motherboard. Everything seems OK but when I try to set up the internet connection I get the message   "Windows did not connect any networking hardware.".Could anyone suggest...

CJRC by Star I
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Asus z790-p-csm keeps crashing

I had used only 2 ram slots 64 GB. It started crashing multiple times Suddenly a few pixels appear and restarts 10-20 times a day. Probably more! Crashers randomly on edge/Dota2/Aftereffects, Ai and PrCan someone help?Processor 13th Gen Intel(R) Core...

glnlb by Star I
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Dp cord audio problem

I can't hear any audio when I connect my dp cord. But I have video. When I use hdmi I have both

Rmm11 by Star I
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Specs discrepancy

I am reaching out to seek clarification on the specifications of two of the motherboards: ProArt Z790-Creator WiFi and ProArt B760-Creator. Memory Capacity Discrepancy: There appears to be conflicting information regarding the memory capacity of thes...

Alanx22 by Star I
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