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Drivers issues + BIOS Settings - Win11

***SPECS BEFORE I FORGET***ASUS Prime (Not TUF!!!!) B360-Plusi5 860032GB Corsair Vengeance RGB (2x16GB)2TB Crucial MX500Palit RTX 3060 DualGamemax Rampage 700w PSU (i know its probably dodgy i got a prebuilt and upgraded it)Previously had an ASUS Q17...

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I am installing a new M2 SSD in the m4 slot. The motherboard does not show it listed in the boot sequence. It does show in the storage information but not on boot priority. When I try to install windows it installs the files but when it reboots it wa...

Prime h410m-e doesn't start with RTX4070

Hi, After upgrading to the new graphics card RTX4070 from Asus the PC doesn't start. Without the graphics card inserted it starts OK. It works with the old graphics card 2030.When I enable the CSM Support the PC starts. Windows detects the RTX4070 (i...

Dollop by Star I
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X670e TUF Plus WiFi Q-LED question

Hello, I recently bought the ASUS TUF X670e motherboard. Every time I boot the system motherboard shows every of 4 QLEDs in sequence one after another. Each of those lights is on for about second or two.Is this normal behavior? Is this some kind of t...

kazank by Star I
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Resolved! ECC Support for ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO

Is there just one speed (the slowest) available that meets ECC support?I see only two ECC supported memories listed when looking up (why not more?)

MeSo2 by Star I
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BSOD when building a project in Unity

Hello,  For the last several weeks i've been blue screen quite often but only when I build a project in Unity. After testing my GPU, my CPU, RAM, swapping out drives etc, the only thing that I can really think of being the source of the issue is the ...

Chrispy by Star II
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Asus strix B650E-E/F

Which memory is compatible with this card. The asus themselves printed out things that aren't right. Seen many having issues with corsair. Looking to pick up ddr5 6000mzh 32gb any suggestion would help and want to be able to enable xmp and have it st...

zataka by Star I
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Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE SlimSAS specs

Hi, I want to buy the Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE but first I would like to understand the slimSAS ports that this board have.Two slimSAS, can I connect backplane extenders on it and use up to how many HDDs on it?Can I use cable extenders?What is the specif...